growing up sucks because you realize $1000 isn’t a lot of money

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Ugly | Captives

We all act upon request, waiting for our time to impress you with our colorful display. I knew that it would fall through anyway.
I’ll try to look past this mess you’ve made under your breath, speaking so only few can hear. This won’t help you conquer me my dear.

You said, “I will never let you fail”. I lack the truth, god covered my eyes said I’d forget you.

Look at how far we all have come. Emotions have all surrendered numb. This weight has never felt so light. Once again I’ll sleep alone tonight.
Your face is always on display. I’ll brave through another day unfulfilled and broken, this sin we lay soaking in.

You said, “I’m so devoted to you”. I believe in the burning of these temples and the spotting of these hands. You said “I’ve never felt better than you”. I breed in vain, my vices will put yours to shame.

What’s one more night? What’s one more ceiling? you’ve seen a thousand. Your words are bleeding. Aching and thirsting with unrest, waiting for your next chance to undress.

You turned out like the rest.

In honor of Valentines day, here’s a song about love. lolz.

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hitting on a girl is kinda like a microwave, if it doesn’t work the first time you can always keep trying til you’re happy with the result